a case study and a discussion about finance

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The requirement for case study is below:

[In week three, we move further along in our analysis of case scenarios, incorporating the WACC and using it in association with the techniques of Capital Budgeting. This week we have the Worldwide Paper Company and need to evaluate the potential cash flows in order to make a recommendation. Your job is to evaluate the data using what you know, and some calculations, to draw solid conclusions – then advise the CEO and Controller what you found

This week the work is broken down into a few sections, less writing, and more numbers work. A few helpful videos (some to refresh, others to demonstrate) on concepts that would be helpful are provided, along with some readings to for those who want to brush up on the concepts.]

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The requirement for discussion is below:

Week 3- we are looking a bit more deeply into the numbers as a method of making a decision. Last week we discussed the importance of Risk.

Now, let’s consider some of the other issues that can/should impact our decision making – Thinking about the Case for this week – what other challenges, beyond the numbers, should we consider? If it is a major concern, should you put that into the calculations in some way or form? From the ethical to the practical – what should we also consider?

For full credit on these discussions, make certain you go back through the week and review some of the other posts – the content is amazing, and it is wonderful to see so many ideas and opinions being clearly related. Keep up the good work.

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