define and discuss emotional intelligence ei and correlate its importance

Read the attached ebook, Making Teams Stick Together, Emotional Intelligence and Team Cohesion by John J. Errigo, MS.

With this week’s individual assignment, you will be asked to define and discuss emotional intelligence (EI) and correlate its importance to the concept of Leading Teams. In addition to an overview of EI, please specifically address the following:

1. I would like to highlight at least three key learning points you have taken from reading this ebook, and talk about these points will help influence your leadership style and/or the way you view the importance of EI as you move forward in your careers.

2. Read the summary entitled An “Aha” Moment and describe an “Aha” moment that you have had as it correlates to your being in a team environment either as a leader or member.

3. Take the Bonus One Emotional Intelligence Survey. What did the results tell you about your EI skills? How will the results help shape your own EI intelligence?

4. Take the Bonus Two Team Cohesion Survey. You will have to pick a team with which you are associated to use when taking this survey. What did the results tell you about your team’s cohesion?

You do not need to cite additional references beyond the Errigo eBook, but if you do, the eBook and any other references must be cited per APA Guidelines.

Submission is to be per APA Guidelines, including Title Page with name (and nickname), Abstract, Running Head, and properly cited references.

Submission should be a minimum of 2 pages (excluding title page, abstract and reference page) and formatted in Times New Roman, 12 font, one inch margins and double spaced.

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