complete 6 short discussion

Discussion 1:

Describe a time when you have worked on a high-performing team, and describe the organizational climate of the organization in which the team operated. If you have never worked on a high-performing team, describe how you think the climate and/or culture of your current organization would support the development of teams.

Discussion 2:

Many believe that Eli Whitney’s cotton gin can be blamed for the extension of slavery in America. In this case, how did the growth of technology have an effect on American culture, and do you see the same thing happening in today’s society?

Discussion 3:

This unit lesson focused on the various environments in which businesses operate (social, technological, economic, legal, global, and market). Based on what you have learned about the various business environments, which environment, in your opinion, has the greatest impact on business operations? Explain.


Globally, the human population is increasing exponentially. What are some of the reasons for this population explosion? Is it something that should be controlled? And if so, how might reproduction be curbed?


Have you, or has someone close to you, suffered from cancer? How did it change the way you look at cancer and your health? If you feel this question is too personal, then discuss risk factors for prostate cancer if you are male or breast cancer if you are female.


After following the instructional sequence (reading the lesson, assigned chapter(s), etc.) please select one of the items or issues from the bulleted list and provide a substantive main post after you have drafted it, used spell and grammar check and verified its content.

  • Edmond Locard’s principle
  • Macroscopic crime scene
  • Microscopic crime scene
  • Primary scene
  • Secondary scene
  • Crime scene supplies and equipment
  • Evidence packaging materials and which package is used for what type evidence and why
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