cultural anthropology amp contemporary issues

Objective: In this exercise, students will discuss the diverse ways in which cultural anthropologists might approach some of the wider topics in the study of humankind. To do this, students will first pick a topic (Part 1) in which to focus their discussion on the cultural anthropological approach to contemporary world issues. Part 2 is where you’ll dive into the discussion on your selected topic & cultural anthropology.

Sources: It is recommended that you find a peer-reviewed, academic source to help support your analysis & discussion on how cultural anthropology might contribute to the topic you have selected. You are welcome to use a source we have already covered in class or find a new source. Regardless, it might be academically credible.

Part 1: Selection of Topic

Select from one of the wide-ranging topics listed below.

Part 2: Cultural Anthropology Approach – Main Part of Initial Posting

  • Your initial posting must address the following prompts. The posting itself must be organized in a blog format with well-developed paragraphs, a strong focus throughout the discussion, and accurate anthropological vocab. Language must be void of ethnocentric statements or references. Works cited is required.
    • Prompts:
      • Provide a clear and concise explanation of why a cultural anthropologist would be interested in this topic.
      • Provide a description of what type of research they might conduct (e.g. excavation, interviews, etc).
      • Given the theme of this discussion thread, how might the research conducted by a cultural anthropologist help address this contemporary issue?
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