homework assignment 97

Download History 2 Study Guide.pdf (63.9 KB) –

This assignment is a 5 – 10 – page double spaced paper in which you will critically analyze, using historical evidence, three major turning points. Your paper should be divided into three sections each of which is devoted to the critical analysis of one turning point.

You must choose one early, one middle, and one late turning point from the Study Guide.

You must use historical evidence and cite your sources.

You must use Chicago Manual of Style to cite your sources. Footnotes and bibliography.

You must use sources.

You should select the three turning points from the Study Guide you think had the most historical impact and your paper should successfully argue why the three you chose changed history the most.

You need paragraph introducing your chosen theme and turning points. Each turning point should have its own section each of which should be more than one paragraph. Then you need concluding paragraph. Then a bibliography. Also use footnotes to cite your quotes and sources.

First, select a single theme from the list below.

Themes: Choose One

The collapse of the existing elites and power structure

The spread of new technology

The transformation of a society or societies through ideas or beliefs

Tradition versus innovation

The impact of climate change or disease on a society or societies

The evolution of justice, or of equality, or of rights

The impact of colonization or expansion

Second, select one early, one middle, and one late turning point from the Study Guide.

Third, put each turning pointing context. Explain the causes. Then show how the turning point is connected to your chosen theme and explain its significance. Do this for each turning point, early, middle, and late.

Fourth, write a conclusion that ties the turning points together and connects them to your chosen theme.

Fifth, cite your sources in a bibliography. Use Chicago Manual of Style format.


Thank You.

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