if blue wood chocolate and kilgore custom milling are to develop a risk management framework who should lead the process at each company should a chief risk officer cro be appointed if so to whom should he she report and have access to how could sm

Chapter 18 presented special risk management issues with Blue Wood Chocolates, and chapter 19 presented various financial risks at Kilgore Custom Milling. If Blue Wood Chocolate and Kilgore Custom Milling are to develop a risk management framework, who should lead the process at each company? Should a Chief Risk Officer (CRO) be appointed? If so, to whom should he/she report and have access to? How could smaller companies without the resources for a dedicated CRO deal with ERM? What is the role for the board in such a process?


Provide a minimum of 3 references

Proper APA Format (References & Citations)/Must be original no plagiarism minimum, have to answer all the questions and met the requirements.

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