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How could a plural democratic system neutralize feuding Sunnis and Shiites?

A plural democratic system could provide a solution to the long suspicion between the Sunnis and the Shiites. Tensions in countries such as Bahrain where the ruling family who are Sunnis have a longstanding distrust of the Shiites population who are the majority. Their long ideological differences where the Shiite believed Mohammed’s cousin should have been his successor while the Sunnis are of the idea that there was no rightful successor and thus leaders should be elected continues to create tension. The Shiites who are 10% of the Muslim have for several years complained of ingrained discrimination against their community as most of the government positions are taken by the Sunnis. To neutralize such tension, there should be two centers of power that incorporates both the two Muslim groups

The U.S. should engage in direct ground military action with ISIS.

I strongly disagree that the United State should engage directly in ground troops. The impact of the Iraq war never yielded much fruits but instead created more enemies targeting to destroy the U.S threatening the lives of its citizen in different parts of the Muslim region. Engaging in direct ground troops will destabilize the middle east with far reaching effect on the Americans because they will have to stay in Iraq and Iran for long before an effective local force is formed and equipped to avoid any ISIS resurgence. The alternative approach to defeat the ISIS will include forming new effective coalition with the Muslim nations leading the effort on the ground while the US and allied forces provide support. The use should use its intelligence gathering, air power and drones to neutralize ISIS while empowering the local force to engage them on the frontline.

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