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In 3–5 pages

Assignment Details

Managing data in the cloud can be a very difficult task. It is made even more difficult when attempting to ensure performance and reliability. Once data are placed in the cloud, there are questions about how those data are accessed and audited, who can access the data, and whether data in the cloud be tracked back to their original owner. In this assignment, explore how cloud data are accessed by users, cloud providers, and law enforcement; examine 2 important components of cloud technology—data provenance and process provenance; and make an argument for the performance and reliability of one provider of cloud technology.

Assignment Guidelines

  • You are the IT manager for a small electronics manufacturer with several valuable technical patents and an emerging international market. You have been tasked with providing a report on the viability of moving the company’s data to the cloud.
  • Keeping the scenario in mind, research cloud data provenance and process provenance, making sure you address the following points:
    • Create a strategic plan to move the company’s data to the cloud while still ensuring data security.
    • Explain the differences between cloud data provenance and process provenance.
    • Explain 3 challenges in managing data in the cloud.
    • List and describe the problems with data access in the cloud and ownership.
    • Give a recommendation on the ability to remain anonymous in the cloud.
    • Explore and recommend a company policy that addresses law enforcement requests and data security.
  • Choose 1 provider of cloud technology, and report on the performance and reliability of its product.
  • What other ways are there to optimize cloud performance and reliability?
  • What are the risks of data ownership when cloud data are load-balanced to servers housed outside of the United States?

Your submitted assignment must include the following:

  • A double-spaced paper of 3–5 pages that covers cloud data provenance and process provenance
  • A title page that includes your name, course number, and unit number
  • A reference list in APA format

In 300 words

You are a network engineer and have been asked to help optimize network performance. The IT Help Desk has been receiving reports of slow system response time by many individuals in the end user community. The problem seems to span across departments and buildings. Your organization utilizes a hybrid of its own servers located in the corporate data center and cloud computing services provided under contract with a well-known cloud service provider. You have been provided with a budget of $100,000 to purchase a tool that will help you improve network reliability and performance. Utilizing course resources and external research, select and discuss 3 tools that can be used to test network reliability.

Discussion Board Assignment Guidelines

  • Answer the following questions:
    • What are the most common issues that affect network performance and reliability?
    • What are 3 tools that can help you identify issues of network performance?
      • What is the name of the tool?
      • What are the features and benefits related to network reliability testing?
      • What is its cost?
      • How would you rank the tool against the other selected tools, and why?
    • What challenges might there be when trying to apply network reliability tools when using cloud computing, wireless, or other topologies?

In 300 words

Every so often, a large company, a government organization, a news agency, or a financial institution falls victim to a security breach. This leaves valuable data compromised. For this assignment, do the following:

Identify 1 organization that has recently (within the last 3 years) had a security breach.

Share a summary of the incident. Identify and analyze how the organization reacted.

Discuss what was done to rectify and mitigate the situation.

Answer the following questions:

What were the implications of this security breach from both the user and company perspective?

Based on your analysis, what are some lessons learned from this incident?

In your opinion, would a similar incident be likely to happen again (to this organization) in the future?

Share any insights you may have had when communicating with the Network Specialists in the class.

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