reaction paper 75

Please read The other Two by Edith Wharton and read the first two chapters of Washington’s autobiography, Up from Slavery (1900-1901): Chapter 1: “A Slave Among Slaves” and Chapter 2: “Boyhood Days.”

  • You will attempt to express as clearly and memorably as you can some of your ideas and reactions to each of the readings. Discuss any aspect(s) of each text which you find important and/or interesting. As you begin to create an outline for your paper, you might consider such questions as, how did I react when I read the story, and what caused me to react this way? What passages caught my attention and why? Discuss what interests you most about what you’ve read. In your response, please be sure to discuss one or more of the literary elements we use to discuss literature: plot, character, setting, point of view, style, tone, language, theme, symbolism, allegory, and image. Consider these literary terms as tools that you pull out of your “tool box” to analyze fiction. I will expect that you will be making specific references to the readings.
  • Please be sure that you discuss the short story by Wharton and the autobiography by Washington in relation to social realism. As needed, refer back to the introduction to social realism and the Video. In addition, please be sure to answer the following questions: What does Wharton’s story tell us about the urban world of New York? For example, consider the social groups that are portrayed in the story. Which genre do you prefer–autobiography or short story? Explain your answer.
  • Write one question that came to your mind as you were completing this assignment.
  • Your paper needs to be 2 pages in length (double space, 12 pt.). Please be sure to include a standard MLA heading (student name, instructor name, course number, date) in the upper left hand corner of the first page of your paper.
  • Use examples from the readings to support your points.
  • Cite your sources using the MLA citations style.
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