roles of boards of directors in a specific company

This week’s assignment examines the benefits of a board of directors to a startup.

  1. Select a startup that you deem to be innovative. This may be a startup that you are familiar with as a customer, or a startup that you’ve read about. You can also explore startups via AngelList (Links to an external site.),Crunchbase (Links to an external site.), etc.
  2. Identify the board of directors. These may be listed on the startup’s website or in their press section. Online directories like AngelList (Links to an external site.) and Crunchbase (Links to an external site.) may list them as well. Also feel free to contact the startup directly to inquire on their board of directors.
  3. Analyze the board of directors. Develop a 2 to 3 page analysis of how these specific board of director members add value to the startup. Your analysis should not be limited to bios of the directors, but should specifically explain what each director adds that benefits the goals, mission or purpose of the startup.


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