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You are an enterprise security architect for a company in a semiconductor manufacturing industry where maintaining competitive advantage and protecting intellectual property is vital. You’re in charge of security operations and strategic security planning. Your responsibilities include devising the security protocols for identification, access, and authorization management. You recently implemented cryptography algorithms to protect the information organization. Leadership is pleased with your efforts and would like you to take protection methods even further.

They’ve asked you to study cyber­attacks against different cryptography mechanisms and deploy access control programs to prevent those types of attacks. We’d like you to create plans for future security technology deployments, says one senior manager. And provide documentation so that others can carry out the deployments. A director chimes in, but you should also devise a method for ensuring the identification, integrity, and non­repudiation of information in transit at rest and in use within the organization.

As the enterprise security architect, you are responsible for providing the following deliverables. Create a network security vulnerability and threat table in which you outline the security architecture of the organization, the cryptographic means of protecting the assets of the organizations, the types of known attacks against those protections, and means to ward off the attacks.

This document will help you manage the current configuration of the security architecture. Create a Common Access Card, CAC deployment strategy, in which you describe the CAC implementation and deployment and encryption methodology for information security professionals.

Create an email security strategy in which you provide the public key, private key hashing methodology to determine the best key management system for your organization. These documents will provide a security overview for the leadership in your company

The deliverables for this project are as follows:

  1. Create a single report in Word document format. This report should be about 10 pages long, double-spaced, with citations in APA format. Page count does not include diagrams or tables. The report must cover the following:
    • network security and threat table
    • Common Access Card deployment strategy
    • e-mail security strategy

See attached outline

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