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A dependent variable is the outcome variable. It takes on different values in response to the independent variable (Schmidt, 2018).

An extraneous variable is a variable that can influence the relationship between the independent and dependent variable; can be controlled either through research design or statistical procedure; were not foreseen or known at the beginning of the study. Another definition of an extraneous variable is that it is any variable that you are not intentionally studying in your experiment or test. When you are conducting an experiment, you are looking to see if one variable (the independent variable) has an effect on another variable (the dependent variable ). So then when you conduct the experiment, at the end you will get results, however sometimes variables that you didn’t expect to be the outcome of the experiment may be undesirable and these are known as extraneous variables (Statistics How to, n.d.).

One way researchers try to control extraneous variables is with participant variables. Participant variables minimizes difference between participants. For example, gathering a group of people with the same IQ or their stage of development such as age (Tutor 2 U, n.d.).

A second way researchers can control extraneous variables include situation variables. Situational variables congtroll the setting where the experiment takes place, such as keeping light, sound, and temperatures levels consistent (Tutor 2 U, n.d.).

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