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Now this will take two people. Find someone to help you and I will tip you 50% must make a you tube video. You can probably just show EMS pics and record the audio as if it was a radio interview with out your faces. Assignment below and templet attached.

Video Interview

You are the public information officer (PIO) for your community emergency medical services (EMS) agency, and the local news station has requested an interview with you on your role as a PIO. They want to better understand your role, and this interview will help you connect with the community.

To prepare for the interview, review the previous units in which we discuss the role of the PIO and the best ways to interact with the members of the community.

The local news station has sent you a list of questions they plan to ask, which include the list below.

  • How would you describe your role as a PIO?
  • Why is the PIO role helpful for an EMS agency?
  • How would you describe your policy for handling media requests?
  • What types of information and details can you share with the community?
  • What types of information are considered confidential and cannot be shared? Why?
  • What recommendations do you have for journalists working with PIOs?

Draft up a one-page notes sheet where you outline your answers to the interview questions. You may use this notes sheet during your interview, but do not write out your full answers and read them. The notes sheet is just for notes and preparation.

Ask a family member or friend to act as the interviewer for this assignment. He or she should read the questions above and give you time to respond. Record your video interview and upload it into YouTube to generate a link for submission. Click here to access instructions for uploading a video to YouTube. Copy and paste the link into the below template.

Click here to access the template for this assignment. Your full video should be a minimum of two minutes in length. Outside sources are not a requirement for this assignment.

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