brief summary critical anaylsis amp response of article linked below

A brief summary of the reading (one sentence) A critical analysis (select a quote, or quotes, to respond to) A critical response (what is the author’s main point, how does she/he make the point(s)? what is the value of what you are reading?) -Each entry must include at least three direct quotes from the reading selected. The quote must be analyzed and critically applied to the reading response. Do not simply “insert a quote” with disregard to the value of the quote. -Who is the author, when was the text published, and what is the purpose/thesis/main idea(s)? -What new information did you “get”? -What information can you add? -How does what you have read connect to your experiences or understanding? -Has the reading changed your way of thinking? How? Or, why? -What else have you read (or watched, or experienced) connect to the reading?

2 pages long, 500 words double spaced

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