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Writers often face the challenge of too many ideas swirling around their heads when they sit down to draft an essay or another document. The swirling ideas can lead to writer’s block or a disorganized draft. This Discussion will help you bring order to an argument for change by using a graphic organizer or writing an outline. Your outline or graphic organizer should include at least four key points (not including the introduction and conclusion) that will help you to support your essay’s thesis statement.

Be sure to include your most recent thesis statement in the outline or organizer in addition to the four supporting points.

Begin by reviewing the Unit 8 Assignment instructions, and then respond to all of the following prompts:

  • Post your most recent thesis revision.
  • Share an outline or graphic organizer that captures and organizes at least four supporting ideas for your persuasive essay. Include at least one misconception or opposition point to your argument that you will need to rebut in the essay.
    • Use complete sentences for each of the main points and tell the class what evidence you can use to support that point.
  • Ask an open-ended question related to something you need help with for your argument or the ideas associated with drafting and organizing essays from the Unit 7 Reading.

    My Thesis : Houston has one of the worst traffic problems in the United States. In many ways, Houston is the champion of traffic in the US, a question that is both boring and full of inconveniences. Houston is not the worst case in the US but is undoubtedly one of the most neglected and poorly addressed problems in Texas. Houston Employers and state government can reduce Houston traffic by encouraging employees to use public transport instead of private cars. Although the efforts of the employers in reducing traffic congestion has been profoundly underestimated, it can make a difference.

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