discussion research methods and designs

Discussion: Research Methods and Designs

In many of your previous courses, you have examined quantitative research. However, the use of qualitative research or mixed methods in both grant-funded proposals and your PAS (Professional Administrative Study ) can add rich and detailed information about a phenomenon that promotes problem solving for your client organization. There are, however, some unique characteristics and assumptions about the use of qualitative or mixed methods research. In this Discussion, you think about how qualitative or mixed methods can contribute to both grant-funded proposals and your PAS. Remember, seeking a grant related to your PAS is a great opportunity for expanding your research.The topic I am using is the William T Grant Foundation.

Post a draft of your central research question. Identify the best research method and design you think would answer the question. Specifically, ensure you identify whether using qualitative or mixed methods research in grant-funded research or for the PAS. Then describe the assumptions you believe you would have to address as they relate to your envisioned study. Please use the William T Grant Foundation. Is the study I am using.

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