i have essay about history

Instructions: Please choose threeof these essay/ short answer questions. Be sure to answer in your own the questions in your own words. Use the textbook and powerpoint presentations for your answers; avoid internet searches.Be sure to use your own words in writing the essays; do not copy and paste from the textbook or other sources. Plagiarism will result in a failing grade for the assignment. Note: Please be as detailed as possible but do not worry about length; I am assessing the essays on their quality, not length. NO REQUIREMENTS REGARDING LENGTH

Be sure that your answer addresses each part of the essay question.

Essay Questions:

1) Describe the ordeal of enslavement from point of capture to life in the Americas (This is to include a description of capture and the middle passage).

2) Compare and contrastslavery in the Southern colonies to slavery in the Northern colonies (You can use The Chesapeake Colonies and New England Colonies as an examples). Note: You can create a list or chart in lieu of an essay.

4) From Chapter 1,please briefly explainwhat economic activity/ trade made Ghana, Mali, and Songhay great empires. Whatwere the chief items of trade.

5) Whydid Europeans start purchasing slaves from West African Kingdoms and whatwere two items traded for slaves?

PC: I have copied all the requirement as the my professor hand it


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