netflix case analysis

CASE CONTENT: (3-5pages)

1- Industry Analysis

2-Business Analysis

3-Strategic Recommendation

4-Case Synopsis

5-answer Generic Case Questions(questions below)

6-answer Specific Case Questions(questions below)

5—–Generic Case Questions?(Select some of questions to answer)

Proceed to answer the following questions, if applicable to the case:

 What is the overall business problem?
 Are there any secondary business problems?
 What are the larger issues? (think beyond the case)

 Who are the key actors and who are the stakeholders?
 Are actors / stakeholders important? If so, how do they fit into IS/IT management roles?  Can you describe the company strategy? (employ a SWOT of IT Impact Map analysis)
 Is the company’s core competency identifiable?
 Does the company have multiple core competencies?
 Is the company’s IT architecture and infrastructure identifiable?
 Are there any “best of breed” IT applications?
 Do the IT architecture and/or infrastructure have importance in the case?
 Is there an IT solution? If so, what is it?
 How are the IT assets (technology, relationship, and/or human) managed?

6.——-Netflix specific questions to answer in your case analysis Netflix in 2011

  1. How would you characterize the differences between Blockbuster’s and Netflix’s business models?
  2. Was Netflix disruptive? How? How would you evaluate Blockbuster’s response?
  3. What other theories help clarify the landscape?
  4. Did Reed Hastings make the right move in trying to separate the DVD-by-mail business from the streaming business? How do you think he should proceed now? Netflix Inc.

Netflix specific questions to answer in your case analysis Netflix Inc.

  1. What is the new contested space in which Netflix is competing?
  2. What are Netflix’s new desired outcomes based on the new (streaming) target market?
  3. What are Netflix’s focal attributes based on the new business model?
  4. How does Netflix maintain profits despite high supplier power, new original content, and increased competition?
  5. How are Netflix’s critical activities and resources affected by the shift away from DVD rentals, and toward online streaming and original content?
  6. In terms of cable TV, should Netflix be a substitute product or a supplemental product?
  7. How will the outcome of the court case regarding net neutrality affect the streaming video business?

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