read from the file and answer the following questions

Each essay should be at least a half page double spaced but no more than one page..

Marketing Myopia Questions from the Posted Reading

1. What was the result of the railroad industry not defining itself correctly?

2. In Levitt’s article, what did the oil industry continue to do and what was its consequence?

3. List the reasons Levitt gives for the demise of myopic industries over time. What other examples can you suggest, of industries/corporations failing to adapt new ways to meet old needs?

4. Marketing Myopia is about 50 years old and the examples are a bit dated. Consider and comment on companies that have demonstrated market myopia (Kodak, Blackberry to name two). In your opion, is market myopia inevitable for aging corporations or is it possible to find the fountain of youth for these concerns?

5. What tactics might you employ in your own start up to prevent marketing myopia from eventually destroying your company? (e.g. customer centricity, building an entrepreneurial culture, creative destruction)

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