final portfolio introduction 500 800 words

This introductory essay 1) makes arguments about your progress in WR39B, especially in the RA essay and RIP project; and 2) analyzes all of the writing you’ve selected for the portfolio as evidence for your arguments. The essay should include the following:

  • Specific arguments about the advancement of particular writing skills through class participation, with evidence from your writing and the feedback you’ve received
  • Your reasons for making the choices you made, and what you may have done differently
  • Artifacts (at least 3), each of which should be analyzed and connected to your arguments about your writing process and progress in the portfolio introduction itself. Eligible artifacts include in-class writing, critical reading exercises and RIP exercises, essay drafts, and/or other writing or notes relevant to our class.

Your arguments should relate the development of your writing skills to the larger context of academic writing. Put another way, what do you understand about academic discourse (writing) and its conventions that you didn’t know before taking WR39B?

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