privacy in the workplace powerpoint 1

Please create a 10 page POWER POINT pertaining to privacy in the workplace.

11th page must have sources cited.

For example:

Kesan, J. P. (2002). Cyber-Working or Cyber-Shirking: A First Principles Examination of Electronic Privacy in the Workplace. Fla. L. Rev., 54, 289.

Persson, A. J., & Hansson, S. O. (2003). Privacy at work–ethical criteria. Journal of Business Ethics, 42(1), 59-70.


  • Objective very clearly stated, the presentation has a strong central focus
  • Strong awareness of main ideas
  • Shows a good understanding of the assignment.
  • Clear structure
  • Great Introduction and Conclusion
  • Uses ethical, legal, and social analysis and theories convincingly.
  • Makes a convincing global analysis
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