relationship of height and weight 2

Relationship of Height and Weight

Watch this video:

  • What does it mean when we say that there is a relationship between two variables?
  • What kinds of relationships can there be between two variables?
  • What is the general formula for a linear regression equation according to the video?
  • What exactly is a trendline? How do you get it on your graph if you are using Excel?
  • Using the given Height and Weight data set, follow the steps in the weekly video or on pages 584-585 of the textbook for performing a regression analysis using Excel to analyze the Height and Weight Data set (assume height is the input variable x and weight is the output variable y). Once you have performed the analysis in Excel, state the correct simple linear regression equation and use the regression equation to predict the weight (in pounds) of a person who is 65 inches tall and the weight (in pounds) of a person who is 100 inches tall.
  • Why might the regression equation you have found NOT be a good predication of the weight of someone who is 100 inches tall? How does this lesson apply to the workplace?
  • Many students say that a person who is 100 inches tall is an “outlier.” Can we just say that without proof? No! How do you prove (formula) that a person who is 100 inches tall is/is not an outlier?

Hint from Dr. Klotz: If needed, revisit slope-intercept form from algebra and order of operations before doing the math in this post.

Download the Height and Weight Table Here.

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